Fitness of the future

Modern and effective

VIRTUAL GYM is an innovative form of training that combines entertainment, sport and regeneration. These three elements will cause that monotony disappear and you will feel better!

What EMS is?

Short and efficient workouts

EMS is Electrical Muscle Stimulation which is very effective way to train your body by using electric impulses to cause muscle contraction.

Thanks to the special vest with electrodes that stimulate the deep parts of the muscles we can perform very intensive training without using any additional weights. This form of exercise allows to achieve the expected effect much faster and safer than in the conventional way.

Virtual Training World!

Your sport path

EMS, fitness machines and other forms of training are supported by dedicated simulations of virtual world.

Using VR goggles makes the time passes slower and we feel like we were in a video game.

A variety of exercises

No boredom and monotony

Becoming one of Virtual Gym club members we guarantee you many interesting forms of active leisure.

Every single training is full of intensive effort supported by fun comes from being in the virtual world. This innovative technology gives boring exercises interactive character that motivates to return to the gym for the better scores and new achievements.


Burn fat in virtual world using EMS technology and fitness machines.

Strength training

Gain muscle mass thanks to dedicated VR simulations and intensive electrical impulses (EMS).

Legs and glutes

All efforts are focused on firming and intensive training of lower muscle parts.

Training for Kids

Train together with your child and book interactive training in the world of VR games.

Martial arts

Improve technique and coordination using virtual reality and EMS technology.

Training on fitness machines

Train using fitness machines like indoor bike and indoor rower that let you compete or cooperate in multiplayer sessions in the virtual world.

Relaxation zone

Modern service of post workout regeneration

After intensive trainings we offer an innovative regeneration and relaxation sessions. Our dedicated Virtual Chillroom is equipped with devices for aromatherapy and improving air quality. They are supported by unique VR simulations that let us feel comfortable and relaxed in a places like mountains, forest or seaside. All of that have a positive impact of whole body regeneration.


Personal training

Training in pair

Training for kids

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